Hey im James! i am 20 from England,
Best girlfriend

I wish you knew just how alone i am.

Im loosing myself /:

Nothings changed.

Even my mum offered to help. But what good would that do. Nothing goes good anymore. If I try I will fail, and if I fail i will fuck up

One of my *friends* has been talking to my mum and my sister about my personal business. What the hell gives them that right.

Im so Fucking fed up of people. There is not one person i can trust with anything. 

Lost the one person I want. Getting rid of the people I dont want

Lifes going so fucking great….Not

Tonight I have finally had enough of my mates. CBA with anyone anymore. all dicks.

Just gona stay on own now on. lifes shit

I know your not talking to me, and im doing my best to not talk to you and give you space. But just so you know. Im not going to find someone else, i will still be here for IF you want me again. I can assure you, i do very much.

You+me+storm+bed+film/youtube = so relaxed,happy, best times ever

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